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Beth Rich—Lifespan Doula


The thresholds we cross throughout our lifetimes can hit hard, and each of them deserve care and attention. This offering is for you, wherever you’re at. Drawing from experiences as a longtime educator, personal losses, and a deep knowing that puberty, coming out, moving, and even death hold great similarities and deserve rich care, I’ve created a package that can be tailored to the exact transition you or a loved one are facing.

Lifespan Doula Love.

Think of this as an urgent care for life and loss. If you’re wanting a caring, informed, creative professional to support you through a transition, Lifespan Doula Love is for you. You can engage this service for yourself or a loved one, and depending on my availability, it is available at a moments notice. I offer physical, emotional, and energetic care as you cross thresholds and move into newness. This package is 100% tailored to you and your needs, and includes at least 2 in-person sessions, phone and email support, food and meal prep, and a basket of Lifespan Doula Love to see you through. Gifts may include the Wild Unknown Tarot deck, acupuncture sessions at Five Elephants Acupuncture, herbal products, and other items that suit your transition.

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