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Beth Rich—Lifespan Doula

Hey there—

My name is Beth Rich and I’m a mama bear, deep blue-eyed ocean of emotion, and Southern-born queer babe all rolled into one.

I am your lifespan doula.

I’m here because we need to make room.

Room in our lives, in our communities, in our language for people like you and me to love, fuck, conceive, carry, birth, bleed, and transform on our own terms.

One size doesn’t fit all. Pregnancy isn’t 9 months on the dot. You may not be a mama. You may not have a mama.

I’m deeply committed to revolutionizing the ways we see, speak of, and support conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenthood in ways that make room for all of us. If we can see and understand each of these thresholds as spectrums, we can ditch the comparison wars. Stop worrying that we’re in the wrong place. Quit feeling, mourning, growing, healing only in secret. We can step into the light, step into our communities and be seen as we truly are.

I’m here to see you and hold space for you to shake things up and let things go so that you can find room for yourself in your life and our world. Whether you’re mourning an early or late, recent or long-ago pregnancy loss; living with and aching to heal from a traumatic birth, pregnancy, or family experience; trying to conceive; feeling fed-up with or disconnected from your mxnstrual cycle; or currently pregnant, I’ve got some magic just for you.

You’re not too young, too old, too weird, too queer, too fat, too anything. You are more than enough, and I want to support you in facing your shadows, speaking your truth, and supercharging your growth so that you can confidently build the life and family of your dreams.

Big love,


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